5 Valuable Tips to Beat Tooth Sensitivity

Our body is very strong on the contrary it needs proper care, attention and preparedness for the environmental vulnerabilities. Everybody is so much busy and exhausted sometimes unable to give much attention to the body parts as it is required. Hence the problems arise and then we get time to fix that problem. During the busy life schedules if we take out little time for our health and for the protection of our wellbeing’s. Nobody has to pay much and need long visits to the doctors especially, when the problem is related to oral cavity.

Tooth ache is one of the biggest problem people have for oral cavity.

When the sensitivity of the teeth increases, it’s not only ends up at cold or hot it happens if you even chew a bubble or eat an ice cream. If you start having pain in this scenario definitely you are suffering from the tooth sensitivity. This has to be cured as soon as possible otherwise there are chances of damaging of gums, may be your gum starts bleeding, the root gets damaged or enamel of the teeth starts deteriorating.

In this particular article we will discuss the 5 valuable tips to beat the tooth sensitivity in a very natural ways.

1. Fluoride toothpastes:

Try to use toothpaste that consists of potassium nitrate that fights against the sensitivity of the teeth. There are few renowned types of toothpaste like crest, Arm & Hammer, Sensodyne, Colgate and many more that deals with the sensitivity of teeth. Among all Sensodyne is the best among all that helps cure the sensitivity of teeth, it’s my personal experience.

2. Ways of brushing teeth and changing of toothbrush:

Oral cavity and its sensitivity have to be taken seriously. Think about the fact that you life something too much and you can’t eat. Terrible situation isn’t it?

Toothbrush is one major instrument that is solely related to gums and teeth. You are supposed to use a brush that has soft bristles that doesn’t damages or tears the gums. Be fragile with your teeth while brushing, you never know how sensitive your teeth and gums are.

3. Acidic food and fizzy drinks must be minimized:

One of the great tip to beat the sensitivity of teeth is to avoid the food and drinks that have high contains of acid. The food and drinks like coffee, tea, citrus fruits. These acidic agents will damage the tooth enamel and gums. If you are habitual try minimum interaction while using straw mostly when you take fizzy drinks.try taking milk after these, that will level you ph of the mouth restoring the oral health.

4. Cure for players and patients with grinding teeth problems:

Players especially who play games that have interaction with human like boxing, football, hockey; players have a strong need to wear the mouth guards. If their teeth get stroked they might suffer from teeth sensitivity. In order to avoid this one must wear tooth guard to protect the oral cavity from any injury. Same with the case with patients having teeth grinding problem while sleeping must wear mouth guard, to protect tooth enamel from being grounded.

5. Consult your dentist:

At the end of the day, your dentist is the best person to contact if you have tooth sensitivity. Once the problem is started, and home remedies are not helping out. Definitely you need to visit your dentist. Make sure you visit your dentist after every six months to have a regular feedback for your oral health. A regular checkup with the dentist is not only protecting the overall oral health but also relieves you from long listed procedures to cure the problem related to teeth and gums.


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